Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home Alone

The kids and Ernie are out visiting grandma but I chose to stay behind so I can get some much needed house cleaning done. What I need is a whole month to deep clean this house and maybe even do some wall painting and garage cleaning. Then I would need another whole month to just relax and regain my energy before going back to work. Since we had some remodeling work done on our house last year we haven't painted the living room or the hallway. It needs it so bad. Ernie would rather hire someone to do it but I'd rather save money and just do the work ourselves. I just hope we get this project done before the holidays roll around.


Ira said...

We had some guys paint our house after it took like 3 months to get through 4 rooms. They were AFFORDABLE. Let me know if you need their 411.

Leanne Olfert said...

Hi Ingrid,
I am responding to a comment you left on my blog about photography. I started with the Canon Digital Rebel. I think this is a great digital SLR to begin with. I just upgraded and bought the Canon 50D. A lot of what makes a great picture isn't just the camera but also the lens you use.
Hope that helps.
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