Monday, August 31, 2009

Lindsey's First Day of School

Flashback to Lindsey's first day of school.  I'm talking way back when she was 4 and starting pre-school. She cried and cried for about a month. It was tough for both of us. For her because it was a new environment, new kids to play with, new everything. Some kids don't like change, she was one of them. For me it was difficult just watching her walk into that classroom not knowing anyone, looking around to see if she saw a familiar face, then realizing that these were all new faces and not the same kids she played with in child care since she was 7 months old. It was time to line up and I can tell seh's not quite digging her new surroundings as she starts to tear up and look towards me. I reassure her with a "it's okay sweetie, mommy will be here later to pick you up, okay? you'll have lots of fun with your new friends". But I don't think she heard me through her loud cries of "I wanna go home". We went through this for about a month until she finally adjusted.

Now fast forward and here is my baby on her first day at a new school starting the 7th grade. Where or where does the time go? Gone are the days where she is reaching out to me, crying out for me, and begging me to take her home. Nope, these days she wants independence, girl time with her friends, and more opportunities to be on her own. Ughhhhhhh, it's starting already......

I couldn't help but take a picture of Lindsey by her locker. Somehow they seem much smaller compared to when I was in school. Mine was twice the size as hers.

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