Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Time

Today was the first Saturday I got to sleep in in a long time. I so needed the extra couple hours of sleep. I have been so busy with work and staying up late on some nights certainly hasn't helped. We had the girls music lessons scheduled for Saturday mornings but decided to switch back to Thursdays at 7pm. Luckily, Lisa, our piano instructor is pretty flexible with us. We've switched days I don't know how many times. Saturday mornings was just too crazy for us as we tended to sleep in only to wake up at 9:00, drag the kids out of bed, shower and then rush out of the house to make their 10:15 music lesson. Sometimes they didn't even have time to eat their breakfast. It was just too stressful.

We had a barbeque at my brother's house today. The girls just love their uncle Gonz and can never get enough of his pool. After we ate it took me a good hour before I got in the water. For some reason the kids can simply jump in and not feel how freezing cold the water is. As for me, I go in, inch by inch. Gonzalo laughs at me because, according to him, I exaggerate. But once I'm in, the water feels great and I stop shivering. I can certainly swim but I'm definitely not a strong swimmer. Never have been. I have terrible lung capacity whereas Lindsey swims like a fish. I swear she has gills. Nikki is still learning but she's almost there. She just needs more confidence and less time with her floaties on. At one point Lindsey was trying to drag me to her dad so he could lift me up and throw me in the water. We were laughing so hard because she kept pulling me towards her dad while I was kicking and trying to break free. But she was so dang strong. I couldn't believe I was being held hostage by an 11 year old. I called her the "water bully". She just laughs. Nikki was enjoying herself as well and so proud of herself each time she swam to me or her dad without her floaties. But after a while she gets tired and puts them back on. I have to admit when she has them on I'm a little more at ease because I know those things will hold her up but I still keep a close eye on her just in case.

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