Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctor Appointment

It seems that my doctor appointments are never ending. I can't seem to go one month without having to see someone about a pain here or a pain there or for a check-up or follow-up. Sometimes I think I'm just being paranoid but when I talk to fellow breast cancer survivors I find that I'm not alone and its just the way it is for us. Not every ache or pain means something serious. But at the same time I can't ever let my guard down or even think for a minute that it's "probably nothing".

My appointment today was with Dr. Evans, my breast surgeon. She is one awesome lady with the most skillful hands I have ever seen. She sees me every 6 months just to do a thorough breast exam and to see how I'm feeling. She didn't find any lumps or anything abnormal which was a relief. She did give me an order to get my annual MRI done this November. Something I dread so much but I know I have to do. I feel great and all my mammograms have been normal but I just can't help feeling that touch of angst in the days leading up to my mammograms or MRIs. When I get this way Ernie always reminds me of all the prayers that were answered and that I need to keep my faith in God going strong and to stop thinking about the "what ifs", live in the moment and be happy about today. I know he's right. It's just hard sometimes.

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