Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Refugio Beach to Solvang

I remember around mid-Summer Ernie expressed regret that we couldn't do more with the kids because of work committments. Work has been so busy for him and there have been a lot of changes going on in my job making it difficult to take more time off during the kid's Summer break. But I think the kids have had one of the best breaks ever. Last month we took the kids to Legoland and Aliso Beach for the weekend and today we took them to Refugio State Beach near Santa Barbara and then to Solvang. Next week we'll be camping for a week up in the Sequioas. Can't wait. Here are some pictures from our trip today. The beach was beautiful but it was a little cold and breezy which made the water less attractive. The kids didn't mind. Junior, my 6 year old nephew wasted no time in jumping in. His sister Karen and the girls were a little slow in approaching the water but eventually made contact. Lindsey caught a slight cold but didn't let that stop her from enjoying herself. After a few hours at the beach we took a drive to Solvang a little Danish-themed city in the Santa Barbara area. Did some wine-tasting with my brother-in-law Kelvin and did some window shopping with my mother-in-law. Everywhere you turned there were bakeries, wineries and candy stores. Lots of yummies and goodies. I'd love to go back again and stay the weekend. Here are some pictures I took.

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