Monday, September 28, 2009

Saltenas Sunday

My sweet cousin Natasha (in the yellow) hosted a fun family get-together at Beba's & Gilmore's Bolivian restaurant in Anaheim. I must say Bolivian food is quite filling. I didn't eat a thing the rest of the day. I had their delicious Silpancho plate. For those non-Bolivian folks who have never heard of Silpancho it is a very popular dish in Bolivia. It comes with breaded steak that is draped over a bed of rice and topped with a tomato salsa with a side of potato and fried egg. Delicioso!! The Saltenas were just as a good. A saltena is a pastry filled with meat (chicken or beef) mixed with sauce, peas and potatos. I could eat these all day long. Great food, great company..time well spent!!

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