Sunday, October 4, 2009


We had a relaxing day today. Went to church then stayed home all day.  I had so much housework to do it wasn't even funny. But instead I let it all go. "Family time" was just calling out my name. Ernie put a movie on called "Facing the Giants".  It's a Christian theme movie that I recommend for everyone to watch.  It inspires people to put their faith in the Lord especially when facing those obstacles (giants) in life.  Afterwards I tinkered with my camera a bit. I'm still trying to learn all it's features and I predict it will take me a good year since it's got too many buttons and way too many settings. But I love it and am learning a lot about photography.  I'm really liking the cooler temperatures. After the hot summer we just had I'm so ready for cooler air and maybe some rain. I REALLY love the rain. I have memories of walking home from school in the rain. I must have been 10 or 11.  That was some thirty years ago. I'd jump into every puddle I could find and giggle as I pictured my mom waving her finger at me telling me I shouldn't have let the water soak through my socks because now I'm going to catch a cold.  Another time the rain pounded the pavement so hard that I was completely soaked. My hair so wet I had to take hold of it and squeeze out the excess water.  The next time it rains I'll have to make a point of grabbing the kids and maybe Ernie if he is not too busy playing Call of Duty, and pull them outside for some serious puddle splashing. Wouldn't that be fun? After the movie the kids and I watched a couple episodes of I Love Lucy. They've never watched it before and even questioned why it was in black in white. I had to laugh because they are so use to their other shows like Hannah Montana or iCarly.  Too bad I didn't think of videotaping them as they laughed hard at Lucy and Ethel working in the chocolate factory or when Lucy was doing the Vitamitavegamine commercial. Classic episodes. I miss shows like that. The other day I was watching the new show Trauma and there was a sex scene in an ambulance.  Good thing Lindsey went to bed early. That sure would have been awkward not to mention dissapointing at the fact that we now have to be prepared to cover our kids eyes. Dang, I miss the good ole "Brady Bunch" days. 

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