Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Ella

Ahhhh...(long sigh)...where to begin. So much for keeping my blog updated. I admit I've been distracted by facebook and other daily happenings in the Bolanos household. Life just rolls by and before you know it 3 months, 6 months, a year has gone by and....well....you busy moms know how it is...I don't think I need to say much more. Life can just get plain crazy.

Last week I learned my little 2 year old niece Ella is fighting a terrible bout of pneumonia. What started out as a cold turned into a nightmare for the whole family, especially her parents Shafi and Chris. Both nurses, they've been at her bedside day and night, praying and basically devoting all their time and energy to Ella. Family and friends have bonded together in prayer and we are looking forward to seeing Ella running around with her little sister again. The Lord is moving in her and through her medical team. Her doctors and nurses are working hard to treat this awful bacteria. But despite the fact that she is on oxygen and morphine, I see a lot of fight in her. She sat on her mother's lap today for 2 hours which is a very big deal given the rough week she's had. How does a little baby get handed such a full plate? Only God know why. We just wait for His grace to preside over Ella and her parents.

My visits are short as I know her parents are focused on getting her well again. When I see Ella I can't help but notice her fighting spirit and her strong will despite having a chest tube placed. There is a tug in my heart that makes me want to embrace her little body and cup her little face in my hands and kiss that sweet little forehead. Her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and of course her little sister Sammie are all looking forward to when she can leave the hospital. Our hope and prayer is that she will not need surgery of any kind. Please continue to lift Ella and her parents up in prayer. We are asking the Lord to heal Ella and to bless her medical team with the wisdom and skill to treat this terrible pneumonia. We pray for her parents strength and courage throughout this ordeal and for wisdom in making decisions in regards to their daughter's care. Thank you everyone and God Bless.

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